Shoulder Boulders OTD – nataagataa

MASK OFF ðŸĪš People tend to forget I'm a normal person despite a following. I love, I laugh, I cry, all the same as you. My name is Natalia and I'm 24. I graduated with a degree in entrepreneurship and business law from the University of Miami and will be going back to UM to get my MBA in international business. My brother (@tuuuuurtle) and I work hard to grow our family business and we've gotten the blessed opportunity to learn from one another. My looks is what got me started on instagram, but I have way more than what my social media depicts. I work for all I have and I won't ever stop working. It's a hard world we live in today where looks is what determines whether someone is worthy of respect. I'm a woman, I post my body and I am also successful. Don't forget that there are influencers out here that are human and want to inspire a normal life style, that of hard work & determination. I salute all the men and woman who have ambition and a never ending drive ! I will forever remain hungry & humble. Hungry for more success and humble for the life I am blessed to live. On that note I thank all 200,000 of you who either admire me or are intimidated by me. Either one means I am doing something to influence you and I hope to be able to positively inspire you as you all have inspired me to be the best version of myself. Love you all 💕 – Natalia aka a normal girl 💁🏞

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