Julio Jones Has a Ferrari Fall Off His Ear In Lake Lanier. Dive Team Looking

Ok it was an earring worth $150k but essentially that’s what happened.  Let’s take a deep dive.  (pun intended)

Bleacher Report – Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is not hurting for money, but the two-time All-Pro pulled out all the stops to locate a $150,000 earring he lost while riding a jet ski. 

Per Brendan Keefe and Christopher Buchanan of WXIA 11 Alive, Jones hired a dive team to scour Lake Lanier for the valuable piece of jewelry after it fell into the water when he hit a boat wake.

First of all, what the hell is Julio Jones doing riding a jet ski less than a week before training camp?  This is the $100 million, corner back destroying, play making, can only practice 2 days a week to keep him healthy mother fucker.  And he’s riding a jet ski fast enough to get thrown off and lose an earring???

Julio please. – Chad Johnson (probably)

#1 – This is the last straw.  The Falcons aren’t making it to the conference championship game and maybe not even the playoffs.  Yes, they have a talented roster but that Super Bowl hangover is real and if your star WR is out fucking around the week of training camp that can’t be a good sign.

#2 – Julio must have some connections.  Jet Skis aren’t allowed on Lake Lanier unless they were already grandfathered in.  Julio – @dukeoesports. DMs are open.

#3 – People are giving him shit for hiring a dive team but to me, to pay $25k to potentially find $150k is a pretty decent investment.  I’m guessing insurance won’t cover “lost on jet ski”

#4 – Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson is getting his second shout out in this blog.  Why does Julio have a $150,000 earring?  See below.


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