Jim Harbaugh Embarrasses michigan At BIG 10 Media Days In More Ways Than 1

Get a load of this psychopath.

Thank fucking God he took those idiotic glasses off long enough to bark like a dog for the media.  I almost feel bad typing this blog out because I’m very convinced that there is something very mentally wrong with Mr. Harbaugh.  Like, literally.

He lacks the tact of Urban Meyer.  He lacks the self awareness of most people over the age of 10.  He eats cereal with Gatorade.  (sometimes) The dude is capital ‘W’ WEIRD.  He also wins a decent amount of football games which makes him one of the hot attractions at the annual Big Ten media days.

Enter Johnny khakis.

jim harbaugh.PNG

One of these things is not like the other.  Have a little respect for yourself and for you conference.  Put a suit on for me one time, John.  I do love how the BIG put him off in the outfield like the uncoordinated kid on your 3rd grade tee ball team.

Notice who’s front and center?  Urban Fucking Meyer.   Only this many months/days/hours/minutes and seconds until we play that team up north.

osu v michigan

Image result for urban meyer is a god


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