Let’s Talk About These Idiots From The Seattle Mariners Taking a Billion Dollar Uber Ride To Their Game

ESPN – Four Seattle Mariners minor leaguers had a plan to avoid getting up at 3 a.m. for a road trip: Book a separate flight. Smart.

Except the flight fell through, and the group was forced to take an Uber from Phoenix to Albuquerque, New Mexico, at a cost of $683.52.

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Interesting.  So 4 millennials tried to scheme their way out of getting up early, failed and then covered it up with more bad decisions.  Surely these must be teenagers, right?  Just young dumb jocks who didn’t know better, right?

mark loweDJ PetersonDaniel VogelbachPat Light

OK MAYBE the 3 idiots around 25 get a pass but Mark Lowe, get it together man.  34 years old and you didn’t think to maybe try to rent a car???  Imagine the conversation between these dopes. (allegedly)

Pat – Bro, we’re gonna miss the flight.

DJ – No way man.

Pat – Dude, yeah huh.

Daniel – Coach is going to be so pissed if we miss it, bro.

Mark – I’m like 99% sure we are going to miss the flight.  We’re all complete morons.  Let’s just get an uber.

Pat/DJ/Daniel – Yeah!!!

$683 later they arrive at their destination. Easy peasy.  OR…you know.  A quick Kayak search for rental cars quickly returned $82.

phx to alb.PNG

No worries for Mark I guess.  There was this caveat thrown in.

While three of the players have little or no major league experience and probably would take a big hit to the pocketbook on an Uber bill like that, Lowe can probably afford it. He has over 10 years of big league experience, earning over $16 million.

PS – Funny story:  When I first started dating the wife she got stranded in Minneapolis after her connecting flight was cancelled.  I was about 30/31 at the time and figured the sensible thing to do was just get her a rental car and see her in a few hours.  Beats the hell out of re-booking a flight or staying the night in MN.  Plan was laid out, walked her through the steps and then she entered her birthday.  And NOPE.  24 years old.  Not old enough to rent her own GD vehicle.  That’s when I knew, I had robbed the cradle.

PSS – Kick in the nuts was that meant I had to jump in the car to go get her.


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