Manchester United Need To Sign Christian Pulisic

Stop chasing a 28 year old Croatian for €40m who Inter don’t want to sell.  Ivan Perisic is good in theory but when you can spend that amount or less for a player of equal quality and nearly half the age you do it.  

Let’s look at this signing from 3 angles and you tell me where I’m wrong.

1 Quality pulisicAt the age of 18, Pulisic became a regular for perennial German top guns Borrusia Dortmund. He’s become the first name on the team sheet for the USA National Team.  In the first game of the International Champions Cup today v AC Milan he had 2 assists and drew the penalty for the 3 goal in a 3-1 win.  He also is versatile and can play RW, LW and the crucial CAM positions.

2. Pace –

A MUCH need quality in the attacking third, Pulisic can stretch a backline and create space.  He’s done it out wide but as mentioned above, he can certainly pick the ball up in the middle of the field and drive at the defense.

3. Captain America – 

captain america pulisic

People give Ed Woodward a hard time over his ability in the transfer market but his real value is in the corporate world, making Manchester United the most valuable football team in the world.  While United have a great foothold in the US, grabbing an 18 star that would be marketable worldwide would be quite the coup.

Why wouldn’t we pay up for Pulisic?  Because Dortmund don’t want to sell?  We’re MANCHESTER UNITED.  Open the purse strings and go get Pulisic.  I think he would only leave for 3 teams in the world:  Madrid, Barcelona and UNITED.  Vamanos!


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