How Can I Be Less Fat?

According to an article on the Daily Mail the key is to eat a lot early and less late.  I guess that makes sense in theory but I also really like eating late.  Like second dinner kind of shit.  Let’s get a plan.

Daily Mail We’ve all heard the saying ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper’ – now a large study has hailed it a successful weight loss strategy.

Love it.  I had heard this once before from a man by the name of Gary Player.  For those of you who don’t know who that is, he’s only one of the best golfers of all time.  He also happens to be 81, in phenomenal condition and doing back flips off of boats.

Talk about a reality check for your boy.  When I jogged up the steps to my office this morning I couldn’t make a phone call for 5 minutes until my breathing calmed down.  81!!!

Now one thing is for sure, I’m not waking up at 5am to go to the gym every morning.  For starters, I’m a big time sweater.  Sweat like a whore in church at the thought of working out.  I can’t get sweaty and then take a shower right away because I simply keep sweating after the shower and it’s miserable.  The evening is very doable when I’m not traveling for work.  Why wouldn’t I work out at least 3 times a week after work?  It’s not football season.  I don’t have any kids.  I really don’t have any excuses.  That’s a start.

The BIGGEST change I have to make is my food and booze intake.  I freaking love to have a good time and more often than not that involves either brown liquor or an ice cold beer OR most likely both.  Knowing I can limit but not eliminate the drink means the food I shove down my gullet 3-4 times a day needs to be healthier and LESS.

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Breakfast like a KING:  Just stocked up on Lucky Charms.  One bowl of that followed up with 2 eggs (over easy like my website) and a some sort of fruit.  Now we’re talking.  Boat load of food that has both taste and nutrition without totally going overboard.  Full to start the day.

Lunch like a PRINCE: Soup?  Salad?  One or the other but not both.  This should be easy and quick to put together.  I’ve been getting into chicken noodle soup in a big way recently.  Maybe I should pre-make salads for a few days at a time…I might turn into a rabbit with this diet.

Dinner like a PAUPER: This one is going to suck because the wife is really becoming a chef in front of my eyes.  Yes, the same girl who put frozen chicken breasts in the microwave and nearly burned down my house putting soy sauce in a hot wok for her frozen veggies for the first meal she cooked for me….that girl.  I’m thinking some sort of shake???  Maybe some fruit.

Work out 3 times a week.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner plan.  I have a wedding to attend over Labor Day.  The goal is to lose 15 lbs by then.  At my current bloated weight of 207 that means I need to be 192.  That is VERY doable.  Let’s go!

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