Fantasy Football Needs To Get Here Already

These really are the dog days of summer.  It’s rained like 50 straight days in Atlanta, I’ve been playing baseball DFS like it’s my job (hint: I suck) and I’ve been watching Hard Knocks Re-Runs on NFL Network basically 24 hours a day.  GET HERE ALREADY!!

 hurry judge judy hurry up GIF

I think it’s time to activate the league and get the draft order ready.

espn fantasy football

Every year we figure out a new way to determine the draft order.  Picking names out of a hat, or just reversing the order of the finish last year is so 90’s.  We get a bit creative with it.  Plus it can get very shady..

Think something more like this…

The good and bad?  None of us have kids, except my buddy CJ and he’s old and doesn’t matter.  Typically here is how it works, the commish (your boy Duke) will draw numbers out of a hat for each team.  That number corresponds to a horse in some race out in San Diego that everyone tunes in for.  The order the horses finish is the draft order.  Pretty hard to get more impartial than that.

Two years ago Tuggernut’s horse died on the way to the gates.  Locked down that 12th pick without even having to race!

How do you guys pick your draft order?  Feel free to leave a comment below or hit me up on twitter @dukeoesports.


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