World Series of Poker Chip Leader @BarstoolNate With An All-Time Awkward High 5/Fist Bump

I’m all in on Nate and Smitty’s journey through the World Series of Poker.  After their respective first day Smitty was sitting well above the average stack with 90k in chips and the Spider Monkey was killing it with over 200k!  That led to me watching their appearance on @pokercentral before the day kicked off.  And boy did Nate Dawg bring the spider monkey.

Shout out to the tweet heard around the world!

This has something like 20k impressions on twitter which is bananas for a no-name blogger with 50 followers and it will continue to climb thanks to retweets from Barstool Studs like @BarstoolTrent, @_rone and @HeavensHawkeye.

The beauty of the video is that this is perfect Nate.  Even when he’s up, he’s down.  When he’s not trying to be funny, he’s hilarious.  Just when he takes a great picture and sits atop the leader board of THE MAIN EVENT of the WSOP he manages to fuck up 2 different high 5/pound opportunities.

Regardless, consider us Team Nate.  #GoNateGo

PS – I’m sneaky worried this video will find it’s way to Nate and get in his head but we are off to a great start for the day

PPS – Oh shit…maybe he’s seen it


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