Here We Go!! Lukaku to Manchester United for £75m

 happy excited super happiness cheer GIF

What a massive statement to start the day.  I love this move for many reasons, which I’ll list below but first lets take a look at some conflicting reports about the deal…

Why I love it:

  • Rom is proven in a Premier League level
  • Imagine how many goals he’ll score with proper service
  • He is young, strong and fast 
  • He plays between the posts.  Don’t need another player getting in Pogba’s space
  • This is a big fuck you to Chelsea
  • This is a big fuck you to Arsenal, who just yesterday signed Lacazette in a club record fee. (hope they enjoyed the headlines for less than 24 hours)
  • This is a big fuck you to Real Madrid who gave been jerking United around with Morata.
  • He’s boys with Pogba, forming a deadly one two punch for the next 8-10 yrs
  • Lastly, this is the start of what I think will be a flurry of signings.

Come on United!!

For the haters and losers who say Lukaku has no first touch….yeah he’s absolutely massive and if you put together a 3 minute highlight of bad touches of one player over 4 years it can look bad.  He’s fine and mint in front of goal.


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