Bethanie Mattek-Sands Broke The Shit Out of Her Leg, But That’s Not The Real Story Here


My initial reaction the first time I watched:  “Ha damn.  Why did she trip.  Oh wait….that actually looks really bad.  But she isn’t screaming.  Ohhh yep, she’s screaming.”

Video below


OK let’s start with the obvious, the coordination on the footwork is not great.  Kidding, obviously.   The injury is awful and we wish Bethanie a very speedy recovery.  Not only is she an American, but a major champion in doubles.

Image result for Bethanie Mattek-Sands

Also shouted out a very American response to the injury.  Stunned silence at first followed immediately by a string of FUCKs.

“Help me…Fuck”

“Help me please.  I need you to help me.”


“Help meeee”


“Help me”

“FUCK, help me”

I half surprised the uppity British people wearing all white didn’t just shoo her off the court for her potty mouth while sipping an afternoon tea.

That right there is about 20 seconds of mind blowing pain.  Devastating to hear and watch.  Chick istough as nails then the pain starting rushing through her brain and panic set in.

I once heard a guy say there are two types of people:  Type 1 gets up in the middle of the night and stubs their toe, says “Fuck (or insert favorite curse word here)” hobbles around for a second then goes to the bathroom and heads back to bed.   Type 2 gets up to pee, stubs their toe and ends up rolling around on the ground calling for their friend/gf/wife before a potential trip the ER.  It’s your classic hurt or injured, right?

Braxton Miller is type 2.

Bethanie Mattek-Sands strikes me as type 1.  Hoping for a speedy recovery Bethanie.

Also, I know you are in your 30’s, hurt and married but….SUP?


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