Andre Roberson Sucks At Tipping…Worse at Math


The owner of a brand new contract for 3 years and $30 million, he certainly has a right to celebrate!  BUT the issues arises when you tip $13.97 on a $487.13 bill.

Good God, man.  I present the evidence.


There is so much to dissect here.

  1. It’s you’re, not your David Rodriguez.
  2. The fact that David Rodriguez, a twitter egg with 3 followers and 8 total likes is blowing up Andre Roberson’s spot is hilarious.david rodriguez
  3. It’s even more hilarious that Andre Roberson, a multi-millionaire athlete with 35k followers decided to respond to this nobody. andrew roberson twitter
  4. Andre Roberson is a shitty tipper
  5. Andre Roberson sucks at math

The two main points here are the tip and math.  Roberson’s point was that he shouldn’t have had to tip because he only bought a bottle and there was no service.  What?  Who brought you the bottle?   Did anyone provide ice?  Glasses?  You drinking this straight?You are either a piece of shit or dumb if you think you don’t have to tip on this bill.  Looks like he may be both which leads to the next point…
Why tip 2 freaking percent if you didn’t want to tip in the first place?  Oh, to get to an even $500?  Gotta admit Andre, I’ve been there man.  Sure I could take 10% of the bill, double it to get to 20% and figure out the proper tip but man it’s just easier to round the bill off.  However, you gotta get it right or you look like a moron.  Andre you sir, are an moron.  It wasn’t even like you were close, either.  You missed it by an entire $1.10!

$487.13 + $13.97 = $501.10

And this dude is going to make $10m/yr for the next 3 years.  Chappelle nailed it…

I guess the question is, which is worse:  the tip or the math?

Gotta go tip.  Servers don’t get paid shit.  Even if they are TERRIBLE you have to give them a minimum of 10%.

PS – If I’m the server, I’m livid that this guy left a shitty tip but laugh myself to sleep knowing he’s too dumb for simple addition.  That has to come back and haunt him in like 10 years when I see him on the next 30 for 30 profiling broke athletes.


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