10 Post Game Thoughts: Miami FC V ATL Utd

by Duke

  1. Hate losing BUT we rested Almiron, Villalba, Martinez and Asad.


2. I’m worried about our style of play on turf.  The ball lays down on grass…no so much on the fake stuff.

3. Julian Gressel has taken over Villalba’s spot as the most frustrating player to watch.

4. Harrison Heath STINKS.  I said out loud “why?” when he was subbed in for Gressel.  We were controlling play and Gressel’s legs were fine.  Why not at least wait until OT?

5. Carleton can play.  He made some bone head errors from time to time but his creativity was much needed.  Juked Miami’s hero Poku to win the penalty.

6. Vazquez is a stud.  I’m not sure of his best position but he is a big body with soft feet.  He will be fun to watch for years to come.

7.  I was glad to see Kunga get on the field.  He clearly isn’t ready for this level but what an experience before heading off to Charleston.

8.  I’m glad we lost.  Have you seen our schedule?  It’s been brutal to date and doesn’t get any less congested moving forward.  We’ll leave the trinkets to other teams while we position ourselves for a playoff run.

9. Poku is good but only in the EXACT role he was playing.  Free to move throughout the field as he saw fit to impact the game, he did just that.  Showed great pace, strength and even a little touch to finish off ATL UTD.  I do not want him on our team.

10.  Last but not least, we need depth so bad.  I’ve said it before but McCann is wasted money.  The level isn’t too high for him but the physicality is.  He’s like a lost puppy out there.  Still…hes about 800 times better than Harrison Heath…

I hate bagging on our own players too much, especially relatively young ones but holy hell that was a performance for the ages.  How do you give the ball away 8 times in only 5 minutes of game action.

The boys are back at it again this weekend.  Come on 3 points.




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