Could A Team of Rumored Manchester United Signings Better Than Current Squad?

by Duke

It’s the silly season alright.  Newspapers, blogs and websites everywhere are searching out the all important clicks.  “Let’s say this world class player is linked to this extremely popular team and their idiot fans will be sure to click on the article!”  Sites like,, literally only exist to speculate about players moving from team to team year round.  I know they are full of shit and yet here I am, reading nearly daily what BS they are spewing.  Enter the big boys, like Bleacher Report with a gym like this:

Fuck me, that’s a quality sqaud.  Is that team better than the current side?  Let’s have a look.

GK : donnaruma.PNG

Young Italian stud who could be the world’s best….once David DeGea retires in 30 years.


LB: rose

Danny Rose is a stud.  While Tottenham will surely not be selling, nor will Man U be buying this player, it’s worth a debate.  Luke Shaw has shown promise but inconsistency.

Point Transfer UNITED


Formidable pair that has done it on the EPL level but PLEASE.  Give me Bailly and new boy Lindelof all day.  Chalk up 2 more for the good guys.


RB: fabinho

Stud.  Young.  Versatile in that he can play multiple positions.  This is a tough one for me.  I love Antonio Valencia.  It’s amazing he has turned himself into one of the best RBs in the world.  Because this list is about now, and not the future I have to go with Valencia.


(editor’s note – We are switching BR formation from a 4-4-2 to 4-3-3 to match United)

DCM: matic

Another flip of the coin.  Michael Carrick has been brilliant in this role for years but he is 35 and no longer able to play every game.  While unspectacular, Matic did just play a massive role in a title winning Chelsea side.


CM: naingollan

What a pitbull this player is.  Nainggolan is everything that United embodies.  Bold, fierce and skillful.  He would add significant bite to the midfield but he has the unfortunate scenario of coming up against a future United captain in Ander Herrera.  My heart says Herrera but my brain says we could use Radja.  I’m calling this a wash.


ACM: james

The pretty boy from Columbia burst on to the scene at the last World Cup and quickly followed his performance up with a massive move to Madrid.  When he plays he produces but he doesn’t play enough, leading to rumors of his exit.  However, he’s not Pogba.  Pogba is the best midfielder in the world and with the right players around him will come good on the record transfer fee United paid to bring him back.  His latest display against England is a decent example.



Ha, Point TRANSFER UNITED.  Put any player here and you can’t match up against the best player in the world.  Miki?  Lingard?  Mata?  Couldn’t shine Ronaldo’s boots.



This could be controversial but I am SUPER high on Morata.  Zlatan was an animal but is gone.  Rashford could be a world beater but isn’t quite there yet.  I think people forgot how good Morata was for Juventes 2 years ago.  He didn’t play much at Real but produced when he did.  Kid is a stud.  Also, he just got married to an absolute SMOKE.  (Pics at the bottom)


RW: griezmann

The one who got away….or never showed up. Griezmann was supposed to be a United player but an unfortunate transfer ban for Atletico may have been a blessing in disguise as one of the top players in the world didn’t make the trip to Manchester.  Is Anthony Martial better than Griezmann?  My nearly every measure available, no.


Final Tally……



WASH : 1

This essentially worked out that United’s current defense is better and the Transfer United is better in the attack.  Speaks to a Mourinho team, no?  It would be a hell of a match but if I had to pick a team to watch play 60+ games next year give me the rumored Transfer United.  Sad!

Realistically the only potential signings from this group are Matic, Morata and MAYBE Fabinho but we drive business.  We are richest club in the world.  And now….

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