PGA Millionaire Cry Babies Complain About US Open Course

Be more out of touch PGA players, you can’t.  Do these idiots not realize us hackers look forward to this week all year?

“It’s not fun when the course is set up this hard?” – anonymous PGA star making millions of dollarscrying-baby

You know what sucks for me?  That they put the rough on the left and right side of the fairway.  If they course was set up with the rough and fairway flipped I’d be shooting in the low 70’s.  I’m NEVER in the fairway.

Playing from the short grass is easier, right?  Fucking hit it there, superstar.

If these mental midgets had any wherewithal they would have the fortitude to hit it straight 16 times off the tee box and score.  Too bad they can’t.

You know what’d be even more relatable?  Crush a hot dog and 3 miller lites before the first tee.  How about 3+ beers per 9 after that.  Try golfing in those conditions with punched greens and golf carts with dead batteries or flat tires.  THAT is tough.



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