Gregg Popovich Says Zaza Pachulia Commits Manslaughter On Kawhi Leonard

After Game 1, Leonard said he didn’t think Pachulia was trying to intentionally hurt him. Pachulia also defended himself, saying big men often get called for many unintentional fouls.

Popovich, however, brushed that aside.

“I don’t give a damn about intent,” he said. “You still go to jail for manslaughter.”

Pop is usually a cool cucumber but it turns out he just always had the best team and knew it.  Easy to be calm and cool when Timmy D and Robinson are the twin towers.  Turns out if you hurt his little snowflake Kawhi Leonard he starts calling for jail time.  Geez dude.  Just chill out, man.

The play in question is somewhat innocuous.  (Had to use spell check on that bad boy but it plays).  Kawhi goes up for a 3 and Zaza being a 7 foot ogre closed out a bit too far and Kawhi came down on his foot, twisting his ankle.  A play that is unfortunate but happens in the game of basketball.  You ever see a women’s volleyball game?  They are all strapped up with braces for exactly this type of situation that happens at the net.


Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 9.31.58 AM.png

shoot.  Here:

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 9.32.13 AM.png

Dang it.  Let’s try again:

Mother F…Last try:

Look at these chicks.  Suited up for battle.  Pop shouldn’t be taking his frustration out on a simple minded Georgian (country not state) but instead killing his trainers.  You know Kawhi’s ankles are made of paper mache.  Tape those fuckers up.  Brace em up.  Do everything possible to keep that boy healthy because without him, we get angry Pop and no one likes angry Pop.

PS – Sneaky most fun we had in college was going to the women’s volleyball games.  We were friends with the team and they loved to party.  They were also kick ass and won the A-10 every year.



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