ATL Utd Get Crucial Point on Road V Portland

Well, we nearly nailed the starting 11.  Thank God Tata read my blog.  Gressel did get the start and scored his first career MLS goal.  Well done son!  People forget we picked him up in the super draft, AFTER Miles Robinson who has yet to be seen.  Great job all around by the scouting staff on that selection.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 9.16.39 AM.png

Full disclosure, I was only able to watch the first half because I’m flying to the middle of the country for work so this will be a quick breakdown.

We are light years better with pace up top than with Jones. Hate to say it because I think Kenwyne will be a great MLS forward, just not on ATL.


Kenwyne came on late and was putting in work defensively but I think he is officially trade bait come the summer transfer window. Do we target another player or go after allocation money?

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 9.22.17 AM

Can we consider the Chris McCann experiment a total bust? I thought he may slot in to the starting line up in place of JG but instead he was left on the bench for all 90 minutes.  We are paying this clown a boatload of money.  Cut his ass and find a younger player to fill his slot.

ATL Utd was back to early form in the first half. 70% possession on the road against a quality MLS side is nothing to sneeze at.  I would have like to see a few more chances created with all that possession but it’s real progress after the last 2 showings.

Alimron’s right foot is lterally for standing on and nothing else.


Tata needs to explain to Almiron that he is going to be the best player on the field every game he plays in the MLS and needs to start acting like it. He was SO dangerous today and could have had several cracks on goal but decided to try to make the extra pass.  SHOOT Miguel!


On the whole I was excited about the performance.  I can’t wait to get home Wednesday and watch the second half.  We are one week closer to Martinez coming back.  Pederson will hopefully be back to provide more depth.  Carleton maybe gets some minutes next week????!?!


Come on UNITED!


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