How ATL Utd Should Line Up @ Portland

Let’s start with the obvious…no Garza (Hip), Carleton or Goslin (U17 Q) and no Martinez (ouch).  Who’s left and how do we possibly turn this ship around?  Let’s figure it out together.  Duke

There is a difference between what I think is going to happen and what I want to happen, or the “should” in should line up.  Here is what I think is going to happen.

atl v portland probable.PNG

Tata doesn’t seem like one for wholesale changes so with Bloom already showing he can play, he should get the nod for the absent Garza.  Everyone is off the Gressel train and rightfully show.  He has had multiple pathetic performances in a row.

Here is what I would like to see and I’ll explain why after.

atl v portland ideal.PNG

What does this line-up allow ATL to do both offensively and defensively?

Let’s start with defensively:

This back 4 is not ideal but actually may provide more stability as Bloom does not get forward nearly as much as Garza and is very solid defensively.  The 3 in the middle of the park should provide a nice shield in front of the back 4 (Big Red), a good engine in the middle (Carmona) and perhaps pick a pass to set up a counter attack. (McCann)  That is balance that we have been missing the last few games and hopefully will stabilize the squad.


This plays into Tata’s style.  Jones, God bless him, just does not fit this system and style of play that Tata is trying to implement.  As a player, I would be insanely frustrated as I made multiple 10-20 yard sprints to close down space or a player and there is barber Jones just T&T chilling up top. This plays into everyone’s strengths. Villalba’s vision rating on FIFA should be like 9 but his speed should be in the high 90’s.  Let him run his little heart out up top and hopefully get in behind a couple of times to finish off a chance.  Let Asad and Almiron cause all kinds of problems on the break in space or with the ball on their foot.

To me, on the road you attack with 3 to 4 players and defend in the MLS.  It just so happens that we have a really good front 3 with this formation that can punish a leaky defense with speed to burn.

TATA – Read this blog.  Start this formation.  DO NOT PLAY JONES.

That is all.  Happy Friday

PS – Coolest tradition in MLS…let’s hope we don’t see it on Sunday.


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