The Riff Raff Were @ It Again For Spirit Airlines: Fight, Fight, Fight!

I fly a lot.  Every time I’m booking a flight the range is something like $350-$1k per flight.   And then WAAYYYY down there is Spirit sitting at $100-$199.  You know why I never fly Spirit?  Because trash like this is who flies Spirit.  Clink the link

There it is.  Spirit customers just throwing hay makers at cops, at each other, at workers.  Insane actions from cheap assholes.  Don’t get me started on race here.  This isn’t a black or white thing.  This is a class thing.

Where are you more likely to see a fight:  First class on Delta or the idiots standing in line to get a seating assignment for Spirit?  In a penthouse downtown or at your local trailer park?  Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse or Waffle House at 3 am?  Exactly.  Don’t be poor.  Don’t fly Spirit.

Image result for waffle house all star special

PS – Shout out to Waffle House.  I was just there with the wife and 2 friends at 2 am after the Chris Stapleton concert.  Change out the sausage for bacon and jalapenos to those hash browns and I ate everything.  Gross, but awesome.  First time in about a year and a half.  Delicious drunk food but a fight is about to break out at any second.  The fact that we are in Atlanta (even in the burbs) also increases the possibility for a gun to show itself.  Probably need to cut back on the sauce if I still think Waffle House at 2 am is a good idea at 33.  FML


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