NFL Draft Tonight — Let’s Win Some Bets

I do miss the old days of having the entire draft in one day.  Get the grill out with a boatload of beers and a beer guy table in the front yard.  Those were the days.  Alas, we only have the first round tonight but plenty of opportunities to make money.  Here are my bets. 

There are 2 bonus Man U  v City bets as well.  Good luck!

nfl bet 3nfl bet 2nfl bet 1

I think Trubisky goes at 6.  That is a bit risky because he could easily drop out of the top 10 but there is a reason this is -250.

McCaffrey has a shit load of hype around him right now but this talk of top 10 is bananas.  Easy money.

Fournette ain’t going top 4.  He’s a 2 down back in a passing league.  Zeke is a freak and that’s a knows fact.  No top 5 RBs

Make Money Get Paid



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