ESPN Hot Take: Goals Aside, Ronaldo Was Awful. Que???

ESPNFC – Click link for videoImage result for ronaldo

It’s never too early to fire up the old hot take machine.  This is more ridiculous than anything Skip Bayless has ever said.  Ronaldo, who just topped the 100 goal mark in the Champions League, was AWFUL in the game yesterday v Bayern Munich…you know, besides those three goals.  Goals:  the things you need to score to win the game and are so difficult that teams routinely over spend on prospects who may or may not work out.

Besides all those points, rebounds and assists, Russell Westbrook had an awful year.  That’s like saying outside of the super hot pole and lap dance, that stripper was bad.  Besides that very successful brain surgery, that doctor was awful.

Ironically elsewhere on the site was a nice article about Ronaldo passing the goal score milestone and demanding more respect.  Lolz

ESPNFC – Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo became the first player to score 100 goals in the Champions League when he netted a hat trick against Bayern Munich on Tuesday — then used the occasion to ask for more respect from fans.

Complete list of players who have scored 100 Champion’s League Goals:

Cristiano Ronaldo.




That’s it

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