Nigerian Officials Find $43m Thanks To Whistle Blower. This Requires A Deep Dive –

More than US$43 million was seized from an apartment building in Nigeria after the anti-corruption unit received a tip.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission received a tip from a whistleblower who reported suspicious activity when they noticed someone moving bags in and out of the apartment, according to a Facebook post.

Just so much to analyze here.  First things first you lemmings, let’s all rush to make the same dumb joke.

 maniacal laugh muahaha crazy laugh maniacal laughter GIF

I think that last one was the same thing.  Oh…it has to be from the Nigerian Prince promising millions for just a small fee! Dorks.  Read a book for me 1 time.  Nigeria has a boat load of oil.  This has to be oil money.  Or drugs. Could be drugs.  I guess it could be the emails.  But it’s definitely not the emails, I don’t think.

Here’s the thing, later on in the article it mentions that there is a finders fee of 2.5-5% of the successful capture of funds.  By my math that is over $2m.  In Nigeria…which is like a TRILLION dollars in Nigeria.  Seriously…people make about $202/year US in Nigeria.  That is life changing money for just giving up your home boys.  BUT…this is Nigeria.

This guy is definitely getting killed, right?  Like I’d say he lives 4-5 days max.  I’m sure there will be some collateral damage as well because how can you know for sure who the whistle blower is so you just kill everyone involved and move on.  I’ve seen Beasts of No Nation

Highly recommend by the way if you have a few hours to kill.  So here is the dilemma.  Let’s say you are involved in this whole deal and find yourself in this spot. What do you do?

  1. Snitch.  Can’t do it.  You get some of the money but then get killed.  Maybe your family gets to keep the fee but most likely the people that kill you.
  2. Say nothing.  Just keep on going as if nothing is happening.  Don’t die.  Keep your head.
  3. Skim off the top.

Skim off the top is the only logical answer.  Yo people are making a couple hundred bucks a YEAR.  You grab one stack every once in a while and no one is going to notice.  You’ve got thousands of dollars and living like kings.

You can’t possibly trust the Anti-Corruption team from Nigeria.  Those people are corrupt as shit.  No chance you risk being chopped up with a rusty, dull machete for snitching but you also have this opportunity to make some huge coin.  You can’t just say nothing because everyone wants to make $$$ money.   Just skim baby.  Everyone wins.

This was the first picture for ‘skim off the top’

Image result for skim off the top



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