How To Fix Man United in ’17/’18 For Under £100m

Man U fans have been in rough waters since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson.  We are used to trophies and championships and high level European soccer.  Often mocked for having front running fans, there have been plenty of opportunities to jump off the bandwagon.  Here is how we get back to glory.  Duke

Currently, our best team is some version of this.

Untied 17.PNG

Sure you could throw Lingard, Mata, Darmian, Smalling/Jones and push Rojo out to left but this is what I think our best starting 11 looks like as it stands today.  There is a lot of room for improvement here but we know Mourinho isn’t keen on bringing in small time players or making wholesale changes that will require months to come together.  First, let’s look at who may leave.

Zlatan – I could go either way on this.  For one, he has brought back the aura of what Man U should be.  Greatness personified with big personality.  He is by far the leading goal scorer and leads the line well.  HOWEVER, he has missed a boat load of chances.  Big loss…or is it?

De Gea – Calm down.  It could happen and if it does, United might walk away with a midfield metronome that isn’t 36 years old next year.  Real Madrid is a possibility and for those who don’t remember, United hasn’t always needed a keeper to stop 10 shots a game.

Rooney –  The time has come for this legend to move on.  Could he be used as a part make weight in a monster move for United…

One of Smalling/Jones – Love these guys.  They came in together but our best 2 CB’s right now are Bailly and Rojo.  Jones showed promise but can’t stay healthy.  Smalling is a former captain and borderline POY last year but isn’t assertive enough.  Can’t sell both.  Need to sell 1 to let youngsters come through.

Squad players – Blind, Young, Darmian, Januzaj

*30 for 30 voice*

What if I told you for a net spend of around £100m that Man United could look like this.

United '18.PNG

Some may scoff at this and say, you can’t lose De Gea.  We need Zlatan.  Griezmann has never done it in the EPL.  Why would Madrid let go of Kroos?  Allow me to fill in this puzzle.

Zlatan could be off and Rashford isn’t ready to lead the line, yet.  Bringing in the big Belgian is the perfect fit.

Use Rooney as a make weight to soften the financial blow and for about £50m he’s ours for the next 10 years.   Oh yeah, doesn’t hurt that he and Pogba are boys and he just told Koeman he won’t sign a new contract.

Image result for pogba and lukaku

Forward is done.  For me, Martial is a brilliant talent but too inconsistent.  We’ve been linked with Griezmann for ages.  His brother has essentially said Griezmann is done to United.  Let’s make it official.  He has a release clause and we will pay it.  €100m or £84.92m

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.  Could United really part with De Gea?  Here’s a better question:  why deal with questions every summer when we have a capable player ready to fill in and we can fill a GIGANTIC hole in our line up.  Kroos + £20m should get it done.  Hey! We are making money.  Kroos is the perfect anchor to counter every single team sitting deep against United.  Carrick can pick a pass but is very long in the tooth.  At 27, Kroos in the prime of his career. Romero fills in at GK and we look for another young talent to take the reigns in a couple of years behind Romero.

Those 3 key moves now significantly upgrade the team.  You’ll note that it simultaneously heavily strengthened our bench as well.  That starting 11 with the likes of Mata, Rashford, Martial, Smalling/Jones, Carrick, Fosu-Mensah, Lingard….yeah, that’s a team competing for titles.

Lastly, you’ll notice the slight formation switch to more of a 4-3-3.  I’ve done this for a number of reasons.

1) This get’s our front 3 further up the field at all times to hit on the counter.  Using the big Belgian to play off will allow Miki and Griez to come inside or get in behind.  Also the ability for these 2 to float inside and out will play in to the strength of Valencia and Shaw bombing down the wings.

2) This allows the 3 man midfield to play to everyone’s strengths.  Pogba is better on the left side of a 3 with the ability to get forward.  Herrera is an all action player who will do the dirty work and pop up for the odd goal.  Kroos sitting deep to pick apart the opposition and dictate the play is ideal.

As for the back line being unchanged, I’m fine with that.  We’ve only given up 24 goals in the EPL.  Mourinho can organize a team.  That’s good for the 3rd best record in the EPL defensively. With the new additions and formation change I expect more to be going in on the other end as well.

Hey Ed, give me a call bud.  I’ll work for cheap as long as I can work from home and get free tickets.





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