Terrorists Tried To Blow Up Borussia Dortmund’s Bus and I Can’t Believe This Hasn’t Happened Sooner

We live in a crazy, dangerous world.  It’s sickening and sad to say but I can’t believe an event like this hasn’t happened sooner, or more often. 

BBC – German police have detained a suspect with “Islamist links” following a bomb attack on the bus of the Borussia Dortmund football team.

Prosecutors also said one of the three explosive devices contained metal strips.

Two letters claiming the attack on Tuesday evening were being investigated, they said.

Prosecutors are treating the blasts as a terrorist attack but say the precise motive is unclear at present.

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday said the attack was “an appalling crime” and praised the fans of both teams for coming together.

Appalling is an appropriate word.  Marc Bartra was injured in the event and was taken straight to the hospital.  Thankfully he was released less than 24 hours later.

Image result for borussia dortmund bus attacked

Amazingly he was the only one injured.  Allow me to explain the title.

World wide, people love sports.  Sport is something that brings people together.  After a goal, or a touchdown, or a game winning shot you will see people of all ages, income levels and races hugging in joy.  We love sport because it takes us away from the craziness of our work or issues of the world.  That is why I thought it would be a prime target of terrorists.  What would cause a greater impact than taking away what we love?  I’m thankful it hasn’t happened more often but worried about what the future holds.

The good news, people rise up in terrible situations like this.  BVB was scheduled to play the french team Monaco on Tuesday in a much anticipated Champion’s League soccer match.  Many Monaco fans made the trip for the game without plans to stay the night but this attack delayed the match until Wednesday.  What were they to do?

Rival fans from a different country, speaking a different language, in a time of terror, opened up their doors to those stranded fans offering a place to stay for the night using the hashtag:  #bedforawayfans.

Most people are awesome.  Some people are particularly awful.  It’s great to see such a heartwarming story rise up from pure evil.

Also….this is going to be a fun game.  Give me Dortmund and the OVER baby!

Borussia Dortmund -1 (-130)  

Monaco +1 (+110)  



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