Mike Golic Is The Big Dumb Animal That We All Love

On the future of Mike and Mike….

“I would imagine I would be doing it with somebody else”

Yo, Mike Golic, maybe ask ESPN upper management a few questions. Something like, I’ve had a very successful TV/Radio show that has propped this company’s popularity up for the past 10 years…do you feel like maybe keeping me in the loop as the dorky Mike transitions to something else?  Did you ever think about maybe getting my advice on who should be involved in the next phase of the show?  DO YOU EVEN WANT ME AROUND ANY LONGER?

It wouldn’t shock me if Mike Golic had been fired and he had no idea.  Just showing up every day like Milton from Office Space wondering why his pay checks stopped.

He deserves some answers but it seems as if he is either oblivious to the fact that change is happening or just literally doesn’t care.

Thinking through this, his son now has a job with ESPN.  He’s made WAY more money after football than he did with the NFL.  He isn’t exactly young.  Maybe he doesn’t give a rip.  If they keep him around, great.  If not, wings, beer and not waking up at 3 am every day probably isn’t the worst thing.


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