Doug Douglas Called Today Christmas. March Madness Is Here

Selection Sunday!  March Madness!  The time of year when offices around the country, loaded with people who haven’t watched a single college basketball game fill out brackets and binge drink themselves into oblivion.  What’s not to like?

We will be doing a special Wednesday night release of the Dropping Dimes Betting Podcast that will have a full NCAA BBall Tourney preview.  Keep an eye out for that…

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To Doug’s point, is this like Christmas Day?  For me, no.  Absolutely not.  In fact, I’ll be at a bar watching ATL Utd take on those fucks from up north, Minnesota United.  It’s not going to change my life if Kansas gets a 2 seed vs a 1.  It’s not going to change my life when it is confirmed that my alma mater (Xavier) gets a 10 seed and that my life long team (Ohio State) doesn’t even get an invite to the NIT.  Christmas Day is the tits, today is just a potential Sunday Funday.

Christmas is the best.  You get gifts.  You give gifts.  Smiles all around.  It could even be life changing.  3 years ago I fake proposed to my now wife.   It was a bit of a test run for the real thing that eventually came.  You ever met anyone that got engaged on Selection Sunday?  No, but Gold Watch did propose to his wife on the first day of the tournament.  Shout out Gold Watch

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