Atlanta United Lost But We Had a Blast

AJC – What was said following Atlanta United’s 2-1 loss to the New York Red Bulls on Sunday at Georgia Tech’s Bobby Dodd Stadium:

Atlanta head coach Gerardo Martino

“In reality the question could be what happened in the last 15 minutes. A good part of the first part we were much closer to converting a second goal. And in a series of errors that we made, they turned the score around but I think we had started to control the game again up until they scored the equalizer.”

It was a hell of a game.  Let’s start with that.  It only takes watching the second half of Minnesota United’s first ever game to realize that expansion teams are not supposed to be as good as ATL Utd is.


My 2 cents about the game, we were the better team but didn’t put away enough chances.  We also failed to adjust to RBNY going to 2 up top in the second half and faded late.  Call it naivety if you want; I won’t disagree.  I also think Villalba will have much more success against a LB that isn’t as fast as Lawrence.

The crowd of 55,000 fans was BANANAS from start to finish.  When Asad scored the goal I literally think that was the loudest I’ve ever heard a stadium and I’ve been to a TON of Ohio State Football games with 107,000 people.

No action shots because I wanted to actually take in the game.  The tailgating was a blast.  Fans everywhere.  Beers everywhere.  Jerseys everywhere.  One group of millenials had a freaking full on DJ playing.  Fun stuff.  My 1 complaint?  Are you kidding me with the wait time to get into Bobby Dodd?

atl first game.jpg

Just look at that mass of people.  I get it Bobby Dodd staff.  You are aren’t used to sell outs.  Seriously though, we waited for over a half hour to move 20′.  Insane.  Let’s hope they have it sorted for next game.

Still….even though we lost, even though the line to get in sucked and even though I never got a beer because the concession stand was a fucking joke, this first game for ATL Utd was an absolute 10 out of 10 on the experience scale. Mrs Duke had a blast.  It was a Sunday Funday.  This team is going to be good.  Things are looking up.

PS –  Remember that shitty Minnesota team I mentioned earlier?  Yeah, we play them Sunday.  Hello 3 points!


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