Sdot Besmirched My Name Last Night

This was in response to my fire blog where I spoke a little too much truth to all the fan girls (sdot) who were pumped about the UCONN women’s basketball team winning 100 games in a row.  Call me brilliant.  Call me demanding.  Call me the face of this website.  Do not call me sexist.

Who else created a daily franchise showcasing women of beauty who need to grow their brand?

Looks like Clay Travis agreed with me.

Looks like Mike Pruden kept it 100 and agreed with me.

Saying an entire sport is great but no one cares is not sexist, its accurate.  Which brings me to Sdot trying to create DRAMA.

Something women and especially teenage girls thrive on. consisting of any number of situations that have an easy solution, which would bring a fairly good outcome, but these girls choose another, shitty, bad way to deal with it, again consisting of backstabbing, blackmailing/gossiping/betraying their friends, or the all-too-common “I want to break up with him but i still love him!”
it drives men and what i like to call “normal” girls nuts.
SDot – Just a little teenage girl trying to start something where there is nothing. Don’t start none, won’t be none punk.
Image result for playa please
PS – As for this little quip.
Duke, let me ask you this. Can you even control the one woman in your life?  NAH, she runs the house and you know it. 
Typical single guy diss.
1) I don’t control my woman.  We are a team and we run this world together.
Of COURSE you wouldn’t know that….Live look at Sdot’s BAE:
Image result for foot massager

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