If a Women’s Basketball Team Wins 100 Straight Games and No One Cares, Did It Really Happen?

Of course it really happened but this is embarrassing for women’s basketball.  Why can’t anyone beat UCONN?  Is Geno Auriemma that good of a coach?  Let’s explore.  Duke

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” is a philosophical thought experiment that raises questions regarding observation and knowledge of reality. ~ Thanks Wikipedia

Observation and knowledge of reality.  Hmm.  What is the reality around Women’s College Hoops?  No one gives a rip. Look in the stands.  Who’s there?  Family and old people with nothing better to do. That’s an observation.

Reality – there is no parity in women’s hoops.  Why?  Because there aren’t enough good players to go around.  Quick – name the top 5 women’s players!  Yeah me either but I could just say the starting 5 at UCONN.  Or Tennessee when Pat Summitt was alive. (RIP)

Sports are interesting because there is competition.  Teams are good, bad, average and sometimes even great but no team is unbeatable.  On the men’s side the gap between the top 1% and the other top 10% of talent is noticeable, but relatively small.  They can all compete in the same space.  In the women’s game that gap is so big that you have a team that win 100 games in a row.

What UCONN accomplished is exactly what I accomplished when I was 13.  I beat the pants off my younger brother in the drive way 100 straight games.  Know why?  Because I was supposed to.



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