NBA News and DFS Notes

I’ll try to throw these up semi-regularly when I have the time.  Duke

Might as well start with the biggest story of the night and it came from the stands.  Charles Oakley is still a punk.  No matter what was said I can’t find a good reason why he escalated this situation to be physical.  Oakely gonna Oak.

Jabari Parker broke his knee again.  Too bad really.  Hopefully back healthy at some poitn next year.

Bleacher Report – Steph Curry got his panties in a bunch because the CEO of Under Armor was happy that there was a pro business president in the White House.  Apparently refuses to read content and context of the comments…

On the court Andre Drummond, Karl Anthony Towns and John Wall were your top 3 performers.  Who do I like tonight in Draft Kings DFS?

Short slate but the guys I’d like to target are:

PG – Lillard – $8,900 – Second highest total of the day and he’s a beast.  Should easily eclipse 40 FP.

C – Nikola Vucevic – $7,700 – Absolute animal last game and should continue tonight

ANY CLEVELAND CAVELIER.  Lebron, Love and Kyrie are supposed to rest.  Kay Felder should be in the starting line up and get some run at low $

Obviously Westbrook and/or Harden have to be in your lineup.

Good luck!


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