McGregor Posts Video of Boxing Training. Not Good.


Like most people, I’d pay to see the spectacle of the world’s two biggest super stars box.  Floyd Mayweather and The Notorious Conor McGregor would be all flash and sizzle.   The press conferences would be worth their weight in gold.  The fight?  I was pretty damn sure Floyd would have a walk in the park.

While this seemingly would be very one sided in Floyd’s favor, McGregor has stood firm that he has a chance.  I’m guessing that posting this video was supposed to confirm that idea???

Boxing at SBG

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This reminds me a lot of when another athlete decided to change sports and give it a go.  I’m talking of course about one CM Punk who was borderline murdered by Mickey Gall in his UFC debut.  We saw similar videos from CM Punk training that were equally troubling.  Fast forward to the 12:50 mark for the writing on the wall.

My question is, why post these videos?  Is it to justify the substantial payday for the ass kicking they are about to receive?  I know for damn sure Georgia State football doesn’t post their practice sessions before heading to Alabama to lose by 70 and collect a fat check.

Is it to show progress?  If you start as a 300 lb man and lose 50 lbs you are still fat.  That doesn’t mean you can run a marathon.  It makes no sense and may dull the excitement.  Less videos and more contract negotiation to make this a reality por favor.

I’ll save you the $99 PPV fee.  Floyd V McGregor below with some A+ commentary.


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