What do you do if your 63 year old mother is hotter than you?

By Duke

Generations of glamour! On Monday Sport Illustrated revealed shots of veteran model Christie Brinkley posing with her lovely daughters for this year's Swimsuit Issue

The absolutely ageless beauty, Christie Brinkley.  Being 63 and looking like this is preposterous.  I’m 33 and I’m washed up.  Christie is like a fine wine, getting better with age.

The internet told me the people below are both a) famous and b) 63.  Quick reminder that all of these people are being kept up by the best hair, makeup and plastic surgeons on the planet and they STILL don’t hold a candle to my bae.

Mindy SterlingKatey SagalJohn MalkovichMeredith VieiraNora AunorJeff Fatt

But here is the real question:  What do you do if you are this one?


By no measure is this girl ugly.  In fact, she’s not unattractive.  She would not fall into “my taste” but I guarantee there are guys drooling over her.  HOWEVER, people (especially women) have an insane need to compare themselves to those closest to them.  If your sister is Honey Boo Boo and your Mom looks like this then you are the golden child.

Image result for honey boo boo's mom

If your mom and sister looks like this…..

She’s only got one option in my opinion:  be the smart one.  Get like a 5.1 GPA in high school.  Go to Harvard.  Nose to the grind stone.  Start some app that makes a trillion dollars and throw it back in your gorgeous mother and sister’s faces!  Otherwise you are just the brunette in the family of smoke show blondes.

Also, diabolical move to hold your hot daughters hand and leave the smart one hanging…

hand holding.PNG


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