Steve Sarkisian To Atlanta Falcons Makes Sense For All Parties

Sark To Falcons – DukeImage result for steve sarkisian

Whoa.  Follow this coaching carousel right to the bottom of the empty bottle sitting next to Steve Sarkisian.

The writing is on the wall at Alabama.  Saban is sick of Lane Kiffin and his Joey Freshwater antics so he goes out and gets his replacement on staff, fresh of a firing for his booze related antics at USC.

Kiffin gets fired the week of the national championship and Sark is put in place to call the plays that ultimately ended in Bama defeat to the Clemson tigers in the Natty.

Kyle Shanahan leads the Falcons to one of their greatest seasons in franchise history and Matty Ice to an MVP.

Kyle Shanahan calls a brilliant first half of the Super Bowl leading to a seemingly insurmountable lead over the Patriots.  Kyle Shanahan gets cute calling a pass play on 2nd and 8 with 3 minutes left to ice the freaking Super Bowl with a chip shot by Matt Bryant and Matt Ryan gets sacked.  Calling another pass play, the Falcons get called for offensive holding and pushed themselves out of FG range.  Brady happens and the Pats win.

Fuck everything.

Fast forward to Monday and Kyle Shanahan predictably accepts the head coaching job at the San Francisco 49ers.  Massive hole to replace Kyle but the Falcons move swiftly with an interesting hire of Steve Sarkisian.

Why does this work for everyone?

From the Falcons perspective they are getting a young signal caller who has proven success on the college level.  Assuming he has his personal life sorted out they may not skip a beat.  Sark is good at what he does.

From Bama’s perspective are we really sure that Saban was in love with Sark?  We all know recruiting is the name of the game in college.  Would you trust your kid with a recovering alcoholic?  That may not be fair but we are all big boys and girls here.  We can be honest and you know that is the first question asked when Sark sits down with Mom and Dad.

Where does Bama go from here?  Who knows and does it really matter?  They are the best and will continue to be the best until Ole Nicky retires.


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