2017 WWE Royal Rumble Preview

Oh shit!!

So if you haven’t heard the Royal Rumble is set for tonight.  This is the first PPV of 2017.  Very excited to see what happens as this will effect the biggest night in sports entertainment, WrestleMania!!

If you are not familiar with the Royal Rumble or haven’t seen it in a while here is a quick review of the big match.  We have 30 entrants, we know roughly 18-20 of them.  Each fighter will come down in intervals, usually 90 seconds give or take.  The way fighters get eliminated is they exit the ring over the TOP rope and BOTH feet have to touch the ground.  Top rope and both feet are very important.  You can have one foot or both hands.  You can go through the middle or the bottom and still be good.  Got it? Good.  Lets look at the championship matches.

Rich Swann (c) v Neville – Singles match for WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Said it once and I will say it again, Cruiserweight division doesn’t do much for me UNTIL Neville decided to go heel and fuck everyone up.  By far the best work he has done since he’s been in the WWE.  Been great to watch.  This will be a very entertaining, high flying match.  First time I have been excited for one of these matches.  WINNER: Neville

Cesaro and Sheamus (c) v Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson – Tag Team Match for WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

This will be a solid match up.  Never though Cesaro and Sheamus would make a good team but the WWE Universe has bought in and they play very well off of each other.  Good to see them take the Raw Tag Title and have fun with it.  Gallows and Anderson on the other hand, no thanks.  Feels like this is a match to save The New Day for a rematch at WrestleMania.  We will see.  WINNER: Cesaro and Sheamus

Charlotte Flair (c) v Bayley – Singles Match for WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Here comes the good stuff.  Not sure if I have ever been this excited for a Women’s Match.  Mainly for my girl Bayley getting her shot on the big stage.  They have been playing the superior athlete (Charlotte) vs the average athlete (Bayley) very hard.  WWE loves Charlotte.  I don’t blame them one bit.  How can you not when she is the daughter of one of if not the greatest WWE Superstar every, Ric Flair.  She has yet to lose in a PPV match but Bayley has yet to lose to Charlotte (2-0).  As much as I want to say Bayley will win, I just don’t see it.  WINNER: Charlotte

Kevin Owens (c) v Roman Reigns – No DQ match for the WWE Universal Championship

Big match here.  One quirky deal here, Chris Jericho will be in a shark cage above the ring.  Yes, a shark cage.  Really wondering what will happen there.  I am a fan of both these guys.  Should be a very entertaining match.  I just can’t imagine it going down with out Jericho do something.  WINNER: Roman Reigns

AJ Styles (c) v John Cena – Singles Match for WWE Championship

Pumped for this one here.  These dudes have very good chemistry in the ring.  Wasn’t a Styles fan at first but he has been turning me a little.  Always been a Cena guy.  He will be attempting to tie Ric Flair with the most WWE Championships (16).  This will be good.  Like I said, pumped!  WINNER: John Cena

2017 Royal Rumble Match – Winner gets a World Championship match at WrestleMania

Went over the rules above.  Stacked line up for what we know.  Goldberg, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar,  Randy Orton, Braun Strowman, Chris Jericho, Big Show, Dean Ambrose, The Miz, Bray Wyatt, and the list goes on.  Just great stuff.  They will call up some NXT guys, probably have an old timer no one expects (even though not old but headlining the Hall of Fame class Kurt Angle).  Excited to see who the dip shit is who gets knocked out within 5 seconds of entering.  Can’t say it enough, Good Stuff here.  As for the winner, no fucking clue.  Crap shoot.  My top two, Goldberg and Randy Orton.  Very easily see Orton v Cena at Mania.

There you have it folks.  Don’t forget 7 pm EST start time.  See you there!!




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