San Diego Is Amazing If You Have a Trust Fund

Your boy Duke is out in San Diego, CA for business this week.  The trip happened to leak into the weekend so of course I’m imbibing in some local brews.  Delicious options like Ballast Point, Black House and Coors Light.  Here’s the problem – like everything else in this state it’s REALLY expensive.  

Currently I’m sipping on a 12 oz Stella Artois.  Good beer. Not a great beer but I’ve already had a billion Ballast Point Sculpin pints so I needed to change it up.  Cost?  $8.61.  That is bananas.  No wonder everyone is so fit in this damn state.  You can’t afford to have a bender every Friday and Saturday.  Taking into account my approximate weekend consumption of 20 total beverages that is approximately a trillion $ annual budget for just alcohol.  

Considering that a local told me he pays $1,700 for a 400 sq ft studio down the road, I don’t think I’ll be moving here any time soon.  The funny thing is Doug Dimes has always dreamed of moving out here but honestly, I don’t know that he’s ever been.  People are good looking.  Food is pretty damn good and the temperatures are moderate year round.  But…

Downsides?  Jack in the Box.  Trash food.  Like literally, they cook it in a trash can.  Heading back from a bar last night I decided that I should probably get a little food before continuing the night but the absolute derth of options led me into this shack of garbage.  Who knew chicken fingers were so easy to fuck up.  I think one of my fingers has an ankle.  HARD PASS.  And it was the only option on my 3/4 of mile walk back to the hotel.  Outrageous

Others?  Gay dudes everywhere.  Now, this is not what you think.  Gay dudes are cool by me.  Date, bang and marry whoever you want.  That doesn’t bother me at all.  The big problem?  You don’t often see a chunky gay dude with a receding hairline.  Handsome fellas left and right.  I feel like Shrek walking down the sidewalk.  Ego took a massive hit this week. 

On the whole San Diego is a great place to visit but you couldn’t pay me enough to live here.  Literally, I don’t think I’m worth enough money to a company to pay me enough to live here comfortably.  You can have Snoop and Tupac, give me Biggie all day.  East Coast for life.


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