Spygate, Deflategate…What’s Next?

The Patriots are known for cheating, i mean being a great organization, having a great coach and an all time legend at QB.

What will they get caught doing to put an black eye on another super bowl run or if nothing happens is it good for the Falcons?  The Patriots have been the subject of some foul play before, most notably with spygate and deflategate.


Spygate: 2002-2007

– Marshall Faulk accused the Patriots of video taping practice during the 2002 Super Bowl. The RAms had new offensive plays that they didnt run all season until the week before the Super Bowl.  He insist that the Patriots had those plans down and checked into a different defense when the Rams lined up in those formations.

– The Patriots were caught and fined by the NFL for taping signals of the opposing team in a Week 1 win over the JETS and former coach Eric Mangenius.

Deflategame: 2015

– I dont even want to talk about this load of shit.  More probable than not….

Time will tell what happens with the Falcons.  Are they being watched?  What will the Patriots do to gain an edge?



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