Falcons Super Bowl Win Is The Beggining Of The End For Brady/Belichick/Patriots 

Let’s be honest, the Falcons are going to boat race the Pats . Sure, history says Belichick and Brady have won 4 Super Bowls together and this is only Atlanta second trip EVER but so what?

It’s one game but with life changing implications. Pats fans have an inflated sense of self worth because of recent success but when the trophies dry up they are just a bunch of 5’6″ Irish guys living in their mother’s basements.

tom brady gif.gif

Atlanta is not scared of this match up.  You think Leicester City was worried about Championship pedigree last year?  You think Cleveland was worried about facing the big bad Warriors last year?  You think the Braves were worried….k just use the first two examples. Both RECENT examples I might add.

Sports are week to week, let alone year to year or decade to decade in Bill and Tom’s case.  Julio and Ryan are the most dangerous duo since the Menendez brothers.  Killing defenses for multiple years.

Brady is mysteriously getting better with age.  Odd, right? 🤔🤔🤔🤔. Belichick isn’t getting any younger and looks increasingly unhealthy by the minute.  When the roids stop and the trophies stop, what then?

Make no mistake, when Brady is done so is Bill.  He doesn’t want to do this anymore.  Jimmy G looked good but Gronk can’t stay healthy and with Belichick gone who takes the reigns?  McDaniels?  We saw that experiment. Tim Tebow being taken in the first and a quick firing was the result.  Patricia?  He’s a DC all day. Not shaving that beard.

Denial is part of the process Pats fans and come Tuesday morning it starts.


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