My Boss Schedule Meetings On a Sunday During NFL Playoffs. Do I Quit?


Well, no is the obvious answer cause your boy has bills to pay but I’m strongly considering it.

I woke my ass up at 6am on a Sunday to head to beautiful Savannah, GA for a big show this week. Remember eggs, the more I sell early in the year the more time I have for flaming hot takes on the site. Everyone wins.

What I didn’t know is that my boss decided she wanted to schedule a bunch of meetings all day after we set up the booth. The key word in there is obvious….SHE. Of course SHE set up a bunch of meetings during the conference championship round of the playoffs. Here’s the other kicker…where are the meetings? Sports bar with a bunch of TVs and beer? No, why in the world would there be enough thought put in to at least look ahead to the sports schedule and make sure we aren’t upsetting our potential customers or more importantly, your top salesperson.

At this point I only have 2 options: 1) Quit – not happening or 2)Go rogue and talk to the customers before the meeting and ask them to suggest we move the meetings to a more adult beverage type of setting. We all know your boy works better when there are a few suds involved and we can shoot the shit over some football. Cheers to selling and undercutting my boss!

Also, Green Bay 31 – Atlanta 24. New England 28 – Pittsburgh 17.  GO PACK GO!

PS – tried to order a beer at Chilis and got a shake of the head.  No alcohol till 12:30.  Damn you Georgia and your old fashioned rules. 


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