Westbrook NOT Voted as Starter for ASG


What in the blue hell are you people watching?  The dude has been putting the “team on his back doe” like Greg Jennings in madden from back in the day.  I guess leading the world in triple doubles doesn’t mean anything.  Westbrook is averaging 30/10/10 this season for the Thunder.

All Star Game Starters:

EAST – Inrving, DeRozan, Lebron, Greek Freak, Jimmy Butler
WEST – Curry, Harden, Durant, Leonard, Anthony Davis

The west is STACKED but the best player this season isn’t starting and that shit is typical when you put the voting in the fans hands.  Isiah Thomas narrowly missed a starting position as DeRozan won the fan vote.

The reserves will be chosen next Thursday and are chosen by NBA head coaches.   The all star game is in NOLA on February 19.

Lets all pray the coaches select JOEL EMBID….pray for Rihanna



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