Pretty sure someone at UPS Stole my Pretzels

This might be the biggest mystery in my life.  So a little background to start.  Every year when I visit the fam back in Nebraska for Christmas I always have a few things I cannot fit in my suitcase to bring back with me to Atlanta.  Happens every year, no doubt.  This year it was a few little knick knacks, nice pair of slippers/house shoes, a nice bottle of whiskey, and the best pretzels you will ever eat in your life.  Just ask SDot, he knows.  These pretzels come from Cabela’s.  There is a store about an hour away from me but I don’t feel like battling traffic for pretzels.

Anyway my mom, as always, packs up the stuff and sends them down.  She always sends it to work because we always have someone there.  So I got the package and I am pumped to chow down on these pretzels.  Probably more pumped than I should be but hey, they are fucking awesome!  I cut open the box and everything is in there except the pretzels!  WTF!  First thought, mom forgot the pretzels but there was half a pretzel in the box and residue from the pretzels like the container opened mid shipment.  So the pretzels were in there at one time, guarantee.

Next thought, pretzels feel out of box and are sitting in a random UPS vehicle.  Nope.  Container holding the pretzels was not in the box.  The only thing I can think of is someone at UPS opened my box, took the pretzels, sealed it back up and kept it rolling.  But I also can’t tell if the box was tampered with.  Fuck this.  Think twice about UPS.


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