Senator Kicked Off Plane. Tried to Jerry Maguire it and Fails Miserably

CNN – Former New York Sen. Al D’Amato was removed from a delayed New York-bound JetBlue flight on Monday after trying to rally passengers against the flight crew.

LOVE this guy.  You can read the full article that I linked above but the backstory is this flight was supposed to depart around 1pm.  About 8 delays later, they got on the plane to depart around 8pm. At that point the weight was all fucked up and the captain asked some people to move to balance it out.  When people didn’t move, this Senator had had enough.

“He called them idiots and said, ‘The captain needs to grow some balls,'” 

HAHA hilarious move.  Calling the passengers idiots and then instulting the pilot.  Steps 1 and 2 to get yourself kicked off the plane.  Let’s not gloss over the fact that he was absolutely correct though.  I fly a lot.  This happens a lot.  People get up and move and we move on.  BUT when you’ve already been delayed a billion times and missed meetings or seeing family, things get pretty tense so I get it. What happened next though is a total amateur move.

After being told to deplane, video taken by passenger Jacqueline Galante shows D’Amato attempting to rally passengers to stand up and deplane with him.

C’mon, man.  Know the time and place for the Jerry Maguire move.  ‘Who’s coming with me?’ does not work on an airplane when you literally know no one and the result would mean they would have to be at the shitty airport for even longer.  I’d be more shocked if ANYONE decided to deplane.  It worked for Jerry because he was Tom Cruise and a semi-successful agent who happened to catch the eye of the secretary IN HIS OFFICE.

Image result for Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire didn’t jump on a random bus and make some passionate speech leading to a walk out and 50 people standing on the curb.  People have places to go, things to see.  Grow up Senator.

Tales from the airplane is my new franchise. Get used to it, because there are going to be a lot of them.


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