Clemson Champs. Final AP Top 10: BIG 10 with 4 Teams

6. Ohio State, 11-2; 7. Penn State, 11-3; 9. Wisconsin, 11-3; 10. Michigan, 10-3

First things first, I’m old. Warshed up.  I was asleep when this happened.

I think I made it to about the 10 minute mark left in the 4th Q.  Anyone else have this problem/  I felt like the game took FOREVER.  And it was a great game.  Congrats to the Clemson Tigers and Dabo Swinney.  This guy…National Champ

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The bigger story is the resurgence of the BIG 10.  For years it’s been the BIG 2 and the rest.  Ohio State and Michigan have been at the top my entire life but for the last 15 years the rest of the BIG has been lacking.  My God it is way more fun when there is some other competition.  Let’s start at the top.

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6: Ohio State

Disappointing end to the season but they lost to the NATIONAL CHAMPS.  People giving the Buckeyes shit are the losers who didn’t get a chance to play in the game.  Sure sure you could say they ruined it for every other single team who was WILDLY successful but doesn’t win their conference but who gives a shit?  They were selected to play and got beat.  Whatevs.   11-2.  Good season, not great but that proves this program is on another level.  Make it to the College Football Playoff, finish 6th, beat Michigan and it’s just an OK season.

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7: Penn State

What a comeback season.  Is James Franklin a good coach?  I ask my Penn State friends and even they are undecided.  He’s got Penn State back.  This is a huge shift in the recruiting landscape as well. Pennsylvania cranks out talent and numerous programs have been plucking the cream of the crop while Penn State went through their downturn. If Franklin can build a fence around the state and find gems elsewhere, this could turn into more than a 1 hit wonder.  A monster win over Ohio State set them up for a strong finish to the season.  BIG 10 Champs.  Epic Rose Bowl, even though they lost.  11-3.  Best season in years.

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9: Wisconsin

Sink the BOAT.  The Badgers took out the fighting PJ Flecks in their bowl game which could set up a nice little rivalry as Peck fled to be the new head coach of Minnesota after their game.  Wisconsin had a good year that could have turned into a MONSTER year with a few breaks.  They beat everyone they were supposed to.   Beat LSU.  Narrowly lost to Ohio State  (30-23 in OT) and Michigan (14-7) in their two biggest games of the year.  Couple that with the BIG 10 Championship where they were beating the shit out of Penn State before the collapse and it was a good but disappointing year. 11-3

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10: Michigan


Haters going to hate on the BIG 10.  Name another conference with 4 teams in the top 10, you can’t.


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