Thomas Rawls Is An Asshole. Seattle Wins

This fucking guy…


Look at those numbers baby. 1.8 yards per carry.  What an animal.  Less than 10 FP per game.  Why wouldn’t he go completely HAM in the playoffs?

rawls stats.png

This fucking guy.  Just ruining my 8,000 Draft Kings line-ups of which ZERO had Thomas Rawls.  Because why in the world would they?  He’s human garbage.  A punk with bum wheels who can’t get 2 ypc?   Insta-play.

Anyone else play Draft Kings/FanDuel?   Anyone else love the thrill of wanting to Tonia Harding a person you’ve never met because of it?  Tweet us or comment on the blog.

Speaking of which, hey DK/FD….feel like sponsoring a blog that is about to hit it big?  Be the idiot that rostered Rawls…you have no business doing it but you’ll feel like ass when we are all over the place and your logo isn’t on our masthead.  Hit us up!


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