Plow the Snow!


P.J. Fleck has officially signed on as the new HBC for the Minnesota Gophers on a 5-year deal. PJ is what I consider the best next coaching star in the sport. I put him right up there with Tom Herman as the top 2 young candidates who could turn into Saban / Urban type of legends in the college game. Needless, to say, this is an incredible hire for the Gophers, especially considering the recent dumpster fire that their program has become. 10 players suspended prior to the bowl game due to an alleged sex tape / assault, followed by a possible bowl game boycott by the entire team. Once the players came around they eventually played and beat Mike Leach and Washington State in the bowl. They’ve since canned Tracy Claeys, apparently due to his lack of player support during the sex scandal, along with difficulties in recruiting, attendance, and taking the next step in the Big Ten / national scene.

There have been stories floating around that several players will be transferring no matter who the coach is due to their lack of faith in the Minnesota administration. Whether that happens is yet to be seen but maybe that’s exactly what they need. Trim the fat. The key will obviously be in recruiting because once PJ gets PJ’s guys, they will be Plowing Snow in no time. He should have no problem recruiting the northern states, as he grew up around the Illinois area and has coaching in Illinois and Michigan previously. He should be able to dip into some of the Wolverines prospects, possibly Ohio, no doubt some corn-fed mother fuckers, but he will need to jump down to the Texas, Florida, Georgia (pretty much anywhere in the South) for a handful of guys a year if he really wants to start competing for hardware at Minnesota. I don’t think he will have any problem pulling off that accomplishment.

Minnesota is coming off a 9-4 season, are a relatively young team, won’t have to deal with the shithead Leidner at QB anymore, have a brand new beautiful stadium, and now have one of the hottest young coaching prospects in the game. As an Ohio State diehard, I could not be happier for the Big Ten to possibly add another power to the always shitty Western division. Great hire Gophers. Plow the Snow!



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