DFS: How much is too much?

Answer:  How much I am currently playing.  That’s how much.  BUT…that million is just one contest away.

Who’s seen this commercial? ^^^^  Literally everyone?  Thought so.

This started the downward spiral for your boy.  Let’s be honest here….I’m not in any financial trouble here.  My losses are in the 3-4 digit range, not 5-6 so we are doing OK but I love the thrill of using educated guesses to potentially get lucky and win big money.  Example A…

Probably a little confusing but here is the gist.  This cat was down to his last $0.75.  He had $175 in play and you’ll never guess this….HE WON $100K!!.


This is the dream.  One day he’s making BBQ and the next he’s a HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLL HAIRS RICHER.

It literally just takes one night.  I could be down to my last doll hair and still have a chance at thousands or millions.  OK yeah so I forgot to fill out my line up for my 10:30 pm slate because I thought I was done after my 7pm and 8:30pm slates…

dk line up fail.png

Them’s the breaks when you strap on your DFS boots.  I’m knee deep into NBA. Can’t get enough. Every single freaking night there are games.  Christmas day. Sunday.  Tuesday.  Never fails.  Am I a lunatic?  Do I have a problem?

Let me know in the comment section or on twitter @DUKEOESports



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