Is the Chinese Super League Bad For Soccer?

The Chinese are spending LOADS of money to attract talent to their new league but will it have a tangible effect on other leagues around the world?  Let’s explore.

Everything says CHINA!  Let’s not mince words here…China is becoming a super power on a global scale.  They a shit load of money and a need to spend it fast.

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Don’t worry about the names on the back of these jerseys, look at the front.  Ramires, Lavezzi and Martinez were getting regular minutes for Chelsea, PSG and Atletico Madrid.  Those are first team players on top teams in England, France and Spain.  Why in the world would they leave for China?

Oscar – Chelsea – £51.00m

Hulk – Zenit St Petersburg – £47.43m

Alex Texiera – Shaktar Donesk – £42.50m

Jackson Martinez – Atletico Madrid – £35.70m

Ramires – Chelsea – £23.80m

Those are massive transfer fees.  By comparison, Zlatan Ibrahimovic just joined Manchester United for free.  Ousmane Dembele joined Dortmund for €15m.  Miralem Pjanic joined Juventes for €32m.  To confirm, one of the World’s best forwards, most promising attacking talents and best midfielders all signed for less than Oscar, who had a total of 9 appearances with Chelsea this year.

This also stems from the outrageous story of a team offering €150m for Aubameyang, which Dortmund laughed off as ridiculous.  That on top of Carlos Tevez leaving South America to become the World’s Highest Paid Player at $41 million/year.  That is $788,461.53/month.  By comparison, Lebron James makes $31m/year.  Scary stuff, right?  That is a lot of money floating around.

Here is why it doesn’t matter:  China sucks.

china smog.jpg

Like, you literally can’t go outside without the risk of death.  They have the lowest emission standards in the World. While everyone else is planting trees and eating raw kale to save the earth they are pooping in public.

china poop in public.jpg

Google listed the following issues with China:

2.1 Water resources.
2.2 Deforestation.
2.3 Coastal reclamation.
2.4 Land pollution.
2.5 Climate change.
2.6 Pollution.
2.7 Population.
2.8 Energy efficiency.

Let’s focus on item 2.7:  Population.  There are an estimated 1.4 billion people in China.  That is a lot of poop in the streets my friend.

More importantly, the World talent pool is too deep and the level of play in China is too low for the Chinese Super League to ever put a dent into the major sporting leagues.  Not the MLS and certainly not the EPL.  China will continue to overpay for good to great talent but the players willing to jump into that environment for a cash grab are few.

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