Shoulder Boulders OTD

Dreams don't have to be only what you have at night when you close your eyes. If there's something you have always wanted to go after it's never too late to make it your reality. Don't think because you started the game late or don't know the "right" people or you don't think you have enough experience, stop you from achieving your dreams. You have to start somewhere. It will take hard work and determination beyond belief but you don't want to look back and say I should have started then! If you don't see someone doing it already make your own lane and don't be afraid to be the lone wolf. Surround yourself with people that believe in your vision and weed out those that don't. Things will become clearer to you the further you push past hurdles that scare you and the more you strive towards your goals each day. Little by little the grind will pay off and it'll be all worth it. Until then just make the leap! Radiate at a frequency so high that nothing can tear you off your track. Put positive vibes out into the world and you'll get them back. 🙏🏽 never stop working towards something that you see for yourSelf.. It is the best investment you can make!! #TamraDae #BRICKHAUSBODY @ricothevillain 📸

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Having a strong body is one thing.. Having a strong mind is essential in the balancing act that is life. I have been seeing a huge change in my mental growth in the last few months as I've been focusing on pursuing things that fill my soul and bring me peace. Every challenge you face is an opportunity to stop and ask yourself what you could be doing differently to change the outcome or move on to something else. BS is there to weed out the stuff you don't need in your life. Accept it, then take a baby wipe and get rid of that crap. It's unnecessary and unhealthy to dwell on the negative. We are capable beings of FAR more than you even know yet until you push yourself!! Take your life to the next level and get after it!!👊🏽👊🏽 @brandonalmengo 📸 #BRICKHAUSBODY #TamraDae

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🦁We aren't meant to be tamed. #leo #allDAE

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MIA I'm coming for ya!!

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