Saturday Night Stacks : Fiesta Bowl Edition

FIESTA BOWL – Glendale, AZ

7:00 / ESPN : #3 Ohio St. (6-6,11-1) vs. #2 Clemson (6-7,12-1) – Ohio St. -1.5, 59

This game is massive and the number of incredible matchups is unbelievable. We’ll keep it quick and concise here as there are a million things to cover but only a few that will really matter. Clemson has numerous weapons on offense and will be tough to cover, no doubt, but Ohio State has been disruptive all season and has come away with 7 pick-6’s. DeShaun has been amazing, as always, but he has also thrown several picks, including 4 TO’s against Louisville. He has not ben as sound this year and is prone to TO’s. The Buckeyes swarm, especially in the secondary and could turn this game on a couple key TO’s.

The second thing to watch here is the weakness at RT for Ohio St going against this awesome pass rush for Clemson. Christian Wilkins and Boulware will be paired in the pass rush all night off the right side of the line for Ohio State but I would expect the coaches to gameplan for this and keep a TE or RB in on the right side to chip on the rush. If JT has time to throw, this Clemson defense can be torched and I think it will be.

Keep the DE’s wide and in contain, let the DT’s and LB’s make plays on DeShaun and we can shut down these playmakers. Help protect off the right side of the line on offense and we can do anything we want on this defense. Let’s go, Go Bucks and Happy New Year!

BET : Ohio St. -1.5 — 5 Dimes


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