Parents Throw Kid’s Christmas Presents In The Fire

THIS IS BRILLIANT!  Except for the whole part where the kid is already so far gone that all they do is cry and throw a tantrum, forcing the parents who are pranking the kids to reveal the ruse.

The premise is great.  You, for some reason, choose to have kids.  Said kids become assholes and misbehave all the damn time.  You do your best to parent but as always happens, you try new techniques to trick your kids into being normal humans.

Here is where they failed…where is the tree?  Why isn’t the present under the tree already?  The kid needs to see you walk over to a present he’s been starting at for weeks, see you pick it up and see you walk over to the fireplace to set it ablaze.  That will make an impact.

I’m filing this away for when Mrs. Duke and I make the plunge.  Kids get out of hand, presents are going in the fire.



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