Most Vicious Dunk Of All Time

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When you see your opportunity, take it 😬 (via @thebrand1, h/t @teamflightbrothers)

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Let me start by saying this, this kid has peaked.  Dunking on someone has to be the best feeling in the world.  Never done it unless we are counting Little Tykes hoops.  Seriously, how many kids this age have dunked on someone?  He’s internet famous.  Adults get dunked on every day by other adults.  Kids on kids?  None.  Also….

Your boy was the king of the Little Tykes.

My J was smooth.  My dunks were insane.  360s, windmills, through the legs.  You name it, I crushed it.  Love the break away rim.  Thank god the backboard wasn’t made of glass or I would have been going through backboards left and right.

PS – still have the Little Tykes.  Thinking about getting a second and running full court in the cul-de-sac.

PPS – Any refs there?  Kid carried the ball like 10 times.  Travellllll


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