WWE Roadblock End of the Line Preview

This Sunday is the Raw exclusive PPV Roadblock: End of the Line.  Personally, Raw has sucked for a while.  Just seems to have no flow.  Seems like they are trying to damn hard on things and it just hasn’t been working.  Mick Foley just yelling in the ring at the superstars too, no thanks.  Anyway, we do have some solid match ups and all the belts are up.  Let’s go through the matches and see what we got.

Big Cass vs Rusev – Singles Match

No clue why the decided to put this in the pre show.  I was looking forward to this and thought they could play this out for a while.  The entire store is based around Rusev’s wife, Lana, seeing Enzo Amore (Cass’s tag team partner) naked back stage.  The next week Lana played Enzo to come to a hotel and Rusev beat the shit out of him.  Obviously Cass didn’t like this and challenged Rusev.  Should be a solid match.  Winner – Big Cass

Braun Strowman vs Sami Zayn – Singles Match 10 Minute time limit

Strowman hasn’t had a competitive match since he started in Raw.  Granite, some of those have been against the local guys they gave a chance.  They have built him up huge.  They have made it look like he will kill a guy on a show soon.  Sami, The Underdog from the Underground, got his ass beat the last time they fought.  It was so bad Mick Foley came out and stopped the match.  Since then, Zayn has been begging for a 2nd shot at Strowman.  Him and Foley had their yelling matches in the ring and finally got his match.  All that being said, Sami will last the 10 minutes.   Winner – Sami Zayn

Rich Swann (c) vs TJ Perkins vs The Brian King – Triple Threat Match for WWE Cruiserweight Championship

First off, I could care less about the Cruiserweight division.  Just another thing Raw had to throw in after the brand split to fill in the 3 hour show.  They do some high flyer shit but that’s about it.  Winner – Rich Swann

Chris Jericho vs Seth Rollins – Singles Match

Another good match up here.  Jericho is your typical vet who kills it on the mic and can play damn near any side he wants.  Face, check.  Heel, check.  Best Friend, check.  You tell him what you want he can do it.  Rollins is also very good in ring and on the mic.  I just like this match up.  Should be very entertaining with the possibility of interference from Kevin Owens or Roman Reigns.  Not 100% sure how WWE wants to take this because they are both huge in their line up.  At the end of the day just can’t see them going against Rollins.  Should be a solid entertaining match.  Winner – Seth Rollins

The New Day (c) vs Cesaro and Sheamus – Tag Team Match for WWE Tag Team Title

The New Day just defended their title last week on Raw to become the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE history.  Cesaro and Sheamus were thrown together and has actually worked out pretty damn well.  They have a good rapport with the WWE Universe and work well together.  I just don’t see why WWE would have The New Day lose here.  I can see them losing the title on a bigger stage.  Maybe the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania.  But if they do lose here, I would love to see a heel turn with these guys.  Throw everyone for a loop here.  Winner – The New Day

Sasha Banks (c) vs Charlotte – 30 Minute Iron Man Match for the WWE Women’s Championship

This damn title has switched hands between these ladies a lot more than I thought it would.  Almost seems they do not think any other ladies can carry the load.  But they are calling this the final chapter so someone will carry the load after this, likely my girl Bayley.  A lot of heat was added to the fire when Sasha dedicated her recent victory over Charlotte to her dad Ric Flair.  I feel like keeping Sasha on top would be the best option here.  Charlotte has run her course with me.  Just the same shit over and over with her.  That being said Winner – Charlotte

Kevin Owens (c) vs Roman Reigns – Singles Match for the WWE Universal Championship

Not 100% the reasoning behind this match.  Owens holds the belt while Reigns holds the United States Belt.  Just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  Almost like they didn’t think anyone else was worth putting in this match.  After all that, I do think this will be a solid match.  Both will bring their A game.  No clue where WWE wants to go here.  I can see if Owens wins putting him up against Jericho and if Reigns wins he would go up against Rollins.  Do a winner fights their friend type of deal.  Anything is possible with The Road to WrestleMania starting!!  Winner – Kevin Owens

There you have it boys and girls.  All the matches (not in any particular order) and my predictions.  Should be a good night.  The pre-show starts at 7 pm with the show beginning at 8.  Time to get the popcorn ready!!




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